Apr 10 2010

Why Firebird? Facts for decision makers

The new main release of Firebird is coming with a lot of new features, SQL extensions and architectural improvements.

This Open Source Database is one of the best database solution available at this moment. This database engine encapsulates in a FREE solution :

  • Rich and powerfull SQL language
  • Record versioning (no locks) - Multi generation architecture
  • Fully scalable in size from Mb to Tb
  • Fully scalable in number of users
  • Simple and with small footprint  installation
  • Multiplatform server
  • Native connection in many languages

If would you like a deeper analysis about why Firebird could be a good deal, take a look at the presentation why-firebird-fact-for-decision-makers.

There are some myths around firebird spread with the aim of hiding the real power of this solution. In the document Firebird_myths these myths are refuted.

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