Nov 01 2008

“Improve your negotiating skills”

In last weeks I attended the course "improve your negotiating skills" (in English). The course was promoted by Confidustria Lecco and organized by team lingue in Lecco.
I appreciated all the aspects of the course and I'm really enthusiast about the objectives reached.

The contents was really interesting and very well planned; the teachers, Amanda and Justine, were very prepared and really captivating; the classmates were motivated and interesting; the school was well organized and really cared about the good progress of the course.

In this course I learned some of the key aspects involved in negotiation, like how to prepare a good negotiation, some possible ways of starting a negotiation, some kind of negotiation and possible negotiators, how important is culture in verbal and non verbal communication, some possible ploys in order to get good deals.

During the lesson theoretical aspects were interleaved with practical "role plays", vocabulary investigations, some grammar inspections and nice conversations about the topics proposed. All the mix was very well balanced and effective.

In this course I mainly find two big plus that makes me so enthusiastic. A first plus is the huge amount of new words and phrase learned; even if I'm not usual to negotiate in English, I think my English improved a little bit. The second plus is the helpfulness of the main topic even for negotiations run in my mother tongue, because the key concepts discussed are mainly language independent.

I would like to advise this course to all who want to improve either negotiating skills and English.

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